Born and raised in Mozambique (Southern Africa), Pynksy Shell also known as Tania Amaral is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, pharmacist, traveler and enthusiastic person.

Her first contact with dance was at the age of 6 years old in a local dance school in the capital of Mozambique, Maputo. Ballet and Mozambican Traditional Dance where the studies. At that time rhythm was already in her soul. Dancing with friends at home, small parties, weddings, even at school, was a major part of her childhood. Growing in Mozambique is forever an everyday blessing. It’s a place where there’s always time to dance, regardless of where you are, it´s contagious!

At 18 years old she discovered the Classic belly dance. That impact of hip movements, the glamour of the arms, the silk of the veil and all the aspects regarding the postures just hypnotized her. But the most remarkable moment was when she found out about the Tribal Fusion Bellydance. It was the turning point of events.

In 2007 she moved to Portugal to make her MA in Pharmacy. She lived there for almost 6 years. Being a Pharmacist was always very good because give her a deep understanding about the body in terms of anatomy (bones, muscles, tendons, nerves and articulations) and physiology (systems and organs). This change of countries was also very important because give her the opportunity to study dance more professionally deepening her knowledge. We are talking about Classic Ballet, Contemporary dance, Barre floor, Jazz, Modern dance, Classic Bellydance, Tribal Fusion, Hip-Hop, Flamenco/ Sevilhanas and Bharatanatyam. There she had the opportunity to study with Hossam and Serena Ramzy, Morgan (ESP), Judith Dilshad (PT), Miguel Vilhena (PT) and Tarikavalli, Vasco Lopez, Karina Leiro (BR). She even took an intensive course of Ballet for Teachers based on RAD at APAM in Porto.

After that, she moved to Cape Verd (land of her parents) for about one and half years. In Cape Verd she experienced one of her greatest dreams, she organized and produced her first dance show in partnership with other local dancers and sponsors,“The 5 Element” was her first achievement. She also could participate in MidelAct (greatest theatrical event in Africa) representing Mozambique in two performances. Another great opportunity was to work on project called “Corpos em Acção” with a Portuguese theatrical company which combines dance and theatrical performance.

Then she moved back to Mozambique where she stood for almost 4 years. In Mozambique a new concept called Ghawazi Worldwide – Dance & Cultural Event was created with another partnership. During that period she had the opportunity to have workshops with amazing teachers like April Rose (US), Catherine De Sève (CAN), Mardi Love (US), Samantha Emanuel (UK), Bindu Bolar (IND), Patricia Zarnovican (DE), Ashely Lopez (US), Valenteena Ianni (ITA), Mat Jacob (FRA), Kristine Adams (US), Olivia Kissel (US), and many others.

After this period she moved again, this time to North America (Canada) where she now resides. In Canada she established a new base to explore, create, investigate and teach. Her main goal is to reach other people with her culture and Africa flavor. With this said, currently she is working in the fusion of Africa rhythms and movements (Southern, Central and West) with Tribal Fusion Bellydance. She likes to call Afro Tribal Fusion Bellydance. Since she was born and raised in Africa, she believes that is more than an obligation to take Africa culture, value, heritage, meaning, History, and much more beyond borders.

Since she moved to Canada she has been teaching (Tribal Fusion Bellydance and Afro Body Expression), given / attending  workshops (Cues & Tatoos – Seatle), choreographing, performing in Vancouver (private events, festivals, shows, Haflas) and outside of Vancouver (Mega Massive – Las Vegas). She completed with success the first level on Studying of the Movement by Rudolf Laban Technique with Helen Walkley. She also could study with Rachel Brice, Carolena Nericcio, Moria Champel, Abigail Keyes (Intensive – Salimpour signature).

Above all, the greatest blessing is to be able to travel around the world get more knowledge in every possible way, meet more and different teachers/ students, explore new concepts and to feel alive every day.

She is a truly believer in Buddhism. Also faithful fan of Yoga…it saves her from back pains.  Respectful of healthy eating, good food and lots of water… that’s what the body needs!

Last but not least, just Dance, because it brings total joy, takes the pain and sorrows away, makes all the spirits uplifted.